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About Us

At MyBookBox, we're like family...

Well actually, we are family! Our mother, an educator, instilled in us at a young age the importance of reading. From weekly trips to the library as children, to one of us beginning a career in publishing, books have always been a part of our lives.

About MyBookBox

MyBookBox is a monthly subscription service which includes 2 books from your selected genres. Most often the children's books are hardcover and adult books are paperback. They are always new releases in the U.S. within the past 45 days, at most. Do not expect to receive the latest New York Times Bestseller, but do expect amazing reads from talented authors. Each box also includes a special gift, just for you, and exclusive content for the included book!

As our schedules become even more busy, we know that regular trips to your local library or favorite book store aren't always possible. And deciding which book to order online can be overwhelming with how many options there are. But reading shouldn't take a back seat because of this and nothing can replace the feel and smell of a physical book.

We take great pride and responsibility in selecting each month's books, so we work with publishers to preview and read upcoming releases to select the best books for our subscribers. Our team of educators, publishers and book lovers hand select our books each month to ensure that you are getting a great book that is worth reading!

Meet the Team

An event planner turned book loving entrepreneur, Jessica is focused on making it all look good.  Her favorite authors include James Patterson, Carl Hiassen and Janet Evanovich... she loves a good mystery! She lives in Dallas with her Boston Terrier, Stella.

The Belle of the group, because her nose is always stuck in a book, Chelsea has 10 years of bookstore experience and now works for a large publishing house in the international division. Her book collection is larger than some libraries and she could never pick a favorite. She lives in NYC with her husband, Colin, and their rescue dog, Jack. You can follow Jack on Instagram at @JacksonPawlickTheArtist !

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